I have a temper. I’m sometimes not “reasonable.” There, I admit it. I’m pretty sure I’ve admitted it before, but there it is again.

So imagine the scene. Me, irritated and storming through the house, cleaning up messes that I didn’t make, getting very little help from the boys, who were the only kids at home at the time.

Then…it happened! I saw a partially eaten banana just laying there on the couch. UGH! Really?? Why can’t they throw their trash away. Why would anybody in their right mind just leave a used banana on the couch?? I knew it was Jack’s banana.

So in my anger, I yelled/barked/growled the single word, “Banana!!!” to Jackson and violently pointed at it. I was really mad…until the word fell out of my mouth and I realized how ridiculous I was being.

Then I smiled and winked at Jackson. He was so confused. He had no idea what to do. He said, “Are you mad??” This morning we were telling Phillip about it and Jack was laughing so hard about the whole thing. He said, “That was so funny…and terrifying.”

My poor family.

One thought on “Banana!

  1. Abi spent the morning trying to occupy the exact same space as me. And finally as she mashed herself between me and the wall to go get something she wanted, out of my mouth came, “Abigail! What the hell!!!!”


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