He digs charts

Mikey likes charts. He likes lists. He likes to know what’s next. He would like to check boxes if given the opportunity. Anyway, he came home one day demanding to make a behavior chart after school one day. We had to do it RIGHT NOW!! And so since the whole thing was to hopefully help him behave better, I dropped what I was doing to go to Target to get some poster board and construction paper. He was pretty excited about it!


He pretty quickly got annoyed with this one and regretted wanting it, but we are still using it. I think maybe it has helped some when I remember to use it instead of just yelling. 🙂

We had a really bad morning yesterday. Hopefully the worst morning of the school year. Mikey just can’t/won’t do anything without me telling him over and over and over. And yesterday morning, I just lost it. I’ve been sick for days and Phillip was home sick too, but that’s not a good excuse. Anyway, in an effort to NOT have another morning like yesterday, I decided to make this chart while Mikey was at school.


Pretty cute, right?? And this morning it worked great! He was so excited about moving his little Mikey to the next spot. He got ready quicky and on his own and I didn’t have to tell him anything. Yay!! He even told me that I should have made this chart a long time ago. So while he was at school today, I decided to make one for after school too. I also decided to give his little Mikey arms and legs.



I knew that I would need some wild card type cards for the things that change from the routine of the chart. I think we’ll try this and see how well it works. I need to laminate these and get some sticky tack so I can stick the orange cards on there without having to use the little Mikey.


So I guess we’ll see how long this helps. Even if it only helps for a few weeks, it’s worth the effort. I’m hoping this will help him get the routine stuck in his head and get used to doing things without having to be told by me. He seriously hates when I yell at him and I don’t blame him, but sometimes it seems to be the only way that he follows through. We’re both sick of that! For now, I’m not going to mess with a weekend one. We’ll just maybe use this as we can on weekends or just not use a chart at all.

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