I choose to be reckless.

If you’re willing to love deeply, you allow the possibility of being hurt deeply. Being closed off seems like protection, but really it’s just confinement that will still cause pain. The pain is just mostly self inflicted. You are in control of it, but not entirely. No matter how protected we think we’ve made ourselves, no matter how guarded we may be, we are still vulnerable.

One day I had to choose. And really, every day is another chance to choose. I chose to be reckless. Almost 14 years into this marriage thing and we’re still figuring it out.

No marriages are perfect. But I also believe that no marriages are beyond repair. We aren’t made to love with restrictions and conditions. We are made to love recklessly. And I believe that a person who is loved recklessly will will rise far above a person who is loved cautiously.

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