10 random things I love other than my husband and kids.

In no particular order…

1. Cream Cheese. It goes all on all of the things. You can put it on almost all things and it makes it instantly better.

2. Bacon. I’m a vegetarian. Sort of. But I eat bacon. Because without bacon, what is the point of life? And like cream cheese, it makes almost all things better.

3. Books. I love getting lost in books. I used to read scary, horrible gruesome stuff, but not so much anymore. I like to read peaceful stuff. I need peace.

4. Coffee.

5. My bed.

6. Slow pace. There are times when everything is on high speed. I need slow as often as I can find it.

7. Easy. Easy food. Easy driving. Easy friendships. Easy conversation. Easy cleanup. Easy hairstyles. Easy makeup. Easy bill pay. Easy shoes. Easy yard work. There are enough hard things in life. Some things just need to be easy.

8. Jesus. I’m no Bible thumper. Not at all. And I’ll be honest, there are MANY things that I’m unsure about, but I feel pretty good about Jesus.

9. Learning. I LOVE knowing next to nothing about something and delving into it hours and hours and hours until I know as much as I care to know. Want some medical research done? Just ask me. I’ll lose lots of sleep over it.

10. My dog. He completes me. The end. ❤