Because 4 kids, 1 dog, and 1 cat wasn’t already chaotic enough…

The story of Hatch.

Confession: After we got Chuy and he was 97%…okay, maybe 86% perfect in every way, I wanted to duplicate him. I kind of wanted ten of him. And so in my weak moments, I would occasionally look online for available piebald dachshund puppies. Shame. On. Me.

And then on Saturday, I accidentally found one. I found one that wasn’t too far of a drive that looked so much like Chuy. And my sweet husband is as much of a sucker for me as I am for cream cheese. I really don’t know why, but he gave in. I may or may not have bribed him with another guitar in the near(ish) future. I really can’t say.


So I made arrangements with the breeder to pick him up Sunday evening. The kids didn’t know. Jackson was in the know when we got Chuy so I decided he would be surprised this time around. About 15 minutes before we needed to leave for the 2 1/2 hour drive, I told Jack to get dressed and that he was coming with me. I wouldn’t tell him where we were going. I wouldn’t answer any questions. He was not pleased. When he wasn’t sleeping in the van on the way to Goliad, he was complaining and telling me this was possibly the worst day of his life. I smiled.

And then we drove up to a house in the middle of nowhere land. I secretly hoped this wasn’t just a trap to kill us. I wished that I was a gun person just for a moment. I wished at the very least that I had thought to give Phillip the address of where we were going.

Jack still had absolutely no idea why we were there. None. We walked in their very nice, but slightly doggy smelling house. They didn’t kill us at all, but instead, showed us to a pen with two sweet little puppies. Jack’s eyes got big and he said, “Are we…?” I nodded. And he sat down in the kitchen of the people who didn’t kill us and held this sweet puppy. He said it was worth the drive.


And so far, it hasn’t been the worst decision of my life. Not by a long shot. Chuy and Hatch, both named after Chuy’s, our favorite restaurant, are getting along so great! They have both played a little too rough. Chuy doesn’t quite understand how little Hatch is or how big he is. Chuy is over 20 pounds now! Hatch is 5.5. Chuy is being a good big brother. Chuy even allows the puppy to eat out his bowl while he’s eating out of it. Hatch is doing unbelievably well with house training. I’m shocked! And right now, they are both curled up together in one kennel sleeping.

Yeah, I think this might just work out just fine. And I promised never to look online for puppies again. The end.


Lost teeth and other things.

We’ve had many tears shed over lost teeth in this house. I don’t know how many teeth have already been pulled, and our girls haven’t even lost a single one yet. Many more lost teeth are yet to come.

We blew it so big on the very first loose tooth we had to deal with as parents. Jack had a pretty loose tooth. It wasn’t ready to be pulled, but because we were total newbies, we absolutely thought that it was. Because we didn’t know enough to know what we didn’t know. And so we fought and we pulled and we tugged and we pushed and we begged and he cried and it was stupid stupid stupid. There may have even been pliers involved. We traumatized all of us with that first loose tooth.

I don’t know if I’ve even tried to pull a tooth since then. We just let them stay there until they come out on their own. Phillip’s dad has pulled plenty and bless him for it. Even our friend Dedee pulled one of Mikey’s teeth a few months back. I won’t do it. I learned my lesson. That was definitely one of our firsts of many parenting fails.

Mikey lost a tooth this evening. It’s been loose for a while. He came in and begged me to pull it. I told him nope and sent him on his way. He came in two minutes later bleeding from the mouth and grinning. I continued to sit on the couch and eat my pizza. With child one, I agonized about that stupid first lost tooth for hours. This tooth didn’t even cause a blip in my day.

When I think about this whole tooth experience, it reminds me of so many other things we’ve learned so far. So many unnecessary battles we have fought. Food battles, sleeping battles, clothes battles, homework battles…the list goes on and on. And believe me, we still continue to fight and pull and tug and push and beg and sometimes they cry and at times it’s stupid stupid stupid.

But I think that maybe with each lost temper and lost battle and even lost tooth, we just become more at ease with all of this. Raising kids is hard enough. Let’s not make it harder than it has to be. Just let the teeth fall where they may. 😉




Lightning speed

Our life is speeding past me. Every day when I drop the kids off at school, I swear I just did it 2 hours ago, not 24. Every time I help kids with baths, I know it surely hasn’t been two days (or three) since the last one. Can’t be. And I say “help with bath” because I don’t actually have to do it anymore! Mikey needs no help at all…with bathing that is. The child needs help in other ways. 🙂  And Brittany actually washes her own hair and Katie’s hair. I no longer have to bathe children. And I swear, I had to wash three little nekkid bodies all at the same time like 2 weeks ago. It couldn’t have been years. Impossible.

We are so crazy busy.

But we are also just in a really peaceful place…somehow. I’m not exactly sure how we can be this busy and still have peace. I’m not sure, but I’ll take it.

I started a new job in August. It’s part time. There is NO WAY on earth I could work full time. I have no idea how other parents do it. No clue how they do it. I guess I could do it if I had to. We do what we have to do. This job is a really great opportunity and I feel very fortunate. But it is seriously interfering with my 1-2 load of laundry a day requirement. Staying on top of things has become next to impossible. BUT the world will not stop spinning if I get behind on laundry.

The kids are all doing relatively well in school, considering their parents provide very little assistance or support. Brittany and Mikey are very good about doing their homework without me hounding them. And Brittany, my most helpful child, helps Katie with her homework. Jackson could do better in school, but I’m afraid he inherited more from me than just his cute face.

Phillip cooks basically all of the meals these days. My kids don’t even ask me what’s for dinner anymore. The other day, Brittany said, “Has dad cooked dinner yet?” And I knew that I had arrived.

So we are good. We really are seriously good. And I’m feeling like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop less and less. In fact, I’m not sure a shoe has dropped in a good while now. Shoes certainly get lost regularly, left outside in the rain, and chewed up by the most precious dog ever. But one hasn’t dropped in a while.

I’m thankful. But I kind of wish things would slow down just a little. I cannot wake up tomorrow and have them in college. We’ve got to save first.

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Day in Kemah with these two
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Chuy’s 7th birthday in dog years.
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