Lightning speed

Our life is speeding past me. Every day when I drop the kids off at school, I swear I just did it 2 hours ago, not 24. Every time I help kids with baths, I know it surely hasn’t been two days (or three) since the last one. Can’t be. And I say “help with bath” because I don’t actually have to do it anymore! Mikey needs no help at all…with bathing that is. The child needs help in other ways. 🙂  And Brittany actually washes her own hair and Katie’s hair. I no longer have to bathe children. And I swear, I had to wash three little nekkid bodies all at the same time like 2 weeks ago. It couldn’t have been years. Impossible.

We are so crazy busy.

But we are also just in a really peaceful place…somehow. I’m not exactly sure how we can be this busy and still have peace. I’m not sure, but I’ll take it.

I started a new job in August. It’s part time. There is NO WAY on earth I could work full time. I have no idea how other parents do it. No clue how they do it. I guess I could do it if I had to. We do what we have to do. This job is a really great opportunity and I feel very fortunate. But it is seriously interfering with my 1-2 load of laundry a day requirement. Staying on top of things has become next to impossible. BUT the world will not stop spinning if I get behind on laundry.

The kids are all doing relatively well in school, considering their parents provide very little assistance or support. Brittany and Mikey are very good about doing their homework without me hounding them. And Brittany, my most helpful child, helps Katie with her homework. Jackson could do better in school, but I’m afraid he inherited more from me than just his cute face.

Phillip cooks basically all of the meals these days. My kids don’t even ask me what’s for dinner anymore. The other day, Brittany said, “Has dad cooked dinner yet?” And I knew that I had arrived.

So we are good. We really are seriously good. And I’m feeling like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop less and less. In fact, I’m not sure a shoe has dropped in a good while now. Shoes certainly get lost regularly, left outside in the rain, and chewed up by the most precious dog ever. But one hasn’t dropped in a while.

I’m thankful. But I kind of wish things would slow down just a little. I cannot wake up tomorrow and have them in college. We’ve got to save first.

Day in Kemah with these two
Day in Kemah with these two
Halloween 2015
Halloween 2015
Chuy's 7th birthday in dog years.
Chuy’s 7th birthday in dog years.
Super Brain Yoga
Super Brain Yoga

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