He paid it forward.

Every now and then, something is too long for Facebook, but still something worth sharing. ūüôā

I took the kids to the park after school. After Katie asked if she could pee in the grass and before a stranger pointed out that Katie had on mismatched shoes, I noticed a little boy who wanted to be pushed on a swing. He looked a little younger than Brittany.

He yelled and asked his mom several times to push him. She was on her phone. So was I so I’m not being judgy about that. After all, my girl child¬†had¬†just asked to pee in the grass. Anyway, he was sitting on the swing, pouting. He sat there for a while. He looked like he was about to cry. I couldn’t go push him myself because I didn’t really want to any more than his mom did, to tell you the truth.

I called Britt over. She’s always looking for people to help. I¬†told her that she should go ask that little boy if he¬†wanted her to push him on the swing.¬†She gladly ran over to him. I couldn’t hear her, but after she spoke to him, his entire face just lit up. He nodded with his whole little body. She pushed him for several minutes and he just smiled the whole time. Like the lay your head back and look at the sky kind of smile.

Now this is the cool part… After he got off of the swing and Brittany ran off to play, he stood by the swing and I watched that little boy¬†push several other kids who needed help swinging. For the rest of the time that we were at the park, he pushed other kids on the swing. And smiled.





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