Sorry, kid.

Let’s say there is a child, or group of siblings. They are living in a home with 2 parents. Both parents are abusive to the children in different ways. They are both truly despicable, unlikeable in every way. Documented to be dangerous, selfish, completely detrimental to their children and their children’s futures.

We don’t just say, “Sorry, kid. These are your choices. This is who you have.” We don’t make the child choose between one abusive parent over the other. We don’t say, “Well, the father is clearly worse because….” or “You’d be better off with your father because your mother did….” No. We take the children away from the garbage they’ve been dealt and we present them with a new and better option. Perhaps even an imperfect option. Another option who might blow it at times. The other option does not have to be flawless to be a clearly better option for those children.

It would be utterly ridiculous in this scenario to defend one parent because “the other is worse.” Who could even possibly say what worse is in this scenario. There is no worse.

The only difference that I can see between this scenario and the Trump/Clinton debacle is that we are not innocent in this. We chose this. As a country, we chose this.

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