When the seven year old still screams.

Katie. She’s seven. She’s smart, cute, funny, artistic, loves to dance, and still screams. She came into this house at 11 months old screaming. She woke up basically every morning that first year (or two?) kicking and screaming. She went to sleep most nights and naps screaming. She screamed through her adoption. She has not screamed *every day* of her life, but I would guess that she has probably at least cried every single day of her life. That is not an exaggeration.

Six and a half years into this and I’m so tired. Our whole family is tired. What do you do when the child is seven years old and will still, on occasion, just lay on the floor and scream and cry? When the slightest provocation will result in crying. When she can’t even answer the simplest question without crying. When no consequences seem to make a significant difference.

Unfortunately, she won’t be having as much fun this summer as she should be. She will basically have to be with either me or Phillip most of the time. We have taken just about everything away that we can and the only thing left to take away are outings with grandparents. It’s sad and we hate it, but I have to remind myself that we aren’t raising kids. We are raising productive adults. She can’t be in high school and still melting down when something doesn’t go her way. Something has to change.