This never happens.

First of all, what’s up with all of this recent blogging, right?? I don’t know. I think I’ve finally decided that I need to actually start photographing my kids again.

Anyway, I decided to *try* to take just a few decent pictures of our kids at the local pumpkin patch. I don’t remember how long it’s been since I’ve done that with the “real camera.”


I bribed them with cookies. I begged them to be cooperative. And guess what?! THEY WERE!!! I was stunned.


We were in and out of there in about ten-fifteen minutes. And nobody cried. And I didn’t get mad. Amazing, I tell you.






I honestly don’t even know how this happened.

And just like that, she can ride a bike.

A friend gave us this used bike for Brittany. She had a bike with training wheels, but she outgrew it a while back.

IMG_5827shrunk3We’ve been meaning to get her another one and just haven’t gotten around to it. So it was great to get this great little bike for free!!

brittdoubleWe got the tires aired up today and she just hopped right on. I helped her go up and down the street for about thirty seconds. She was pretty wobbly at first. Then she said, “I think I got it.” and she just took off. Like she’s been doing it forever.

britttripleEvery time I told her that she was doing great, she just said, “I know.”

brittdouble2She does cool stuff. And she’s very brave.

IMG_5800rsinstadoubleAnd while I’m bragging on this girl, I should probably mention that she made all A’s on her report card. She’s kind of awesome.


Okay, so here are some of the things that have been happening in our world lately. And I know there aren’t any pictures of Jackson, but I promise he’s still cute and still awesome.

At the beginning of May, Mikey had a festival and program at his school and I tied his bandana wrong. He was the only kid among all of the kindergarteners whose mom tied his bandana like an ascot. Oops.


I caught them all with no shirts on outside. They are rarely wearing shirts and pants at the same time. And they are never all four completely dressed unless we’re going somewhere.


Mikey has a loose tooth on the bottom. It really needs to come out, but we’re not messing with it. We learned our lesson about that with child #1. Mikey FREAKS out when he bleeds even a drop so I’m sure this whole loosing teeth thing is going to be exciting.


Katie got glasses!!!


Brittany turned FIVE!!! Birthday party to follow. It was delayed due to Katie having pinkeye. Fun times.


And just this week, like yesterday and today in fact, the three little kids got a room makeover. We were thinking about moving, but we decided to stay for now and make this house work. Jack needs his own room so we bunked the three little kids. They love the new room!


And with that, I bid you all goodnight.


Getting Valentiny

So since I waited until the day before Valentine’s Day to actually think about the Valentine’s treats for my kids’ classes, I found myself (again) in a bit of a bind. Last year I *only* had 40 kids to get goodies for. I prepared ahead and made these and put lollipops in their hands…


I could just go get the paper Valentine’s from the store, but I really wanted to do something cute without spending much money. So I decided to use our left over candy and fabric from Mikey and Katie’s bday party to make little goodie bags. So that’s what Katie, Britt, and I have been doing this morning while the boys are in school. I will let Mikey help with his this evening when he gets home. They’re cute, but they’re a pain. So we have done a whopping 14! We only have 43 to go. Ugh. I better get back to it. At this rate, I’ll finish by tomorrow morning.


Either Way – revisited

Almost two years ago, I posted this.

It was a low time. I couldn’t really talk about how low it was, but it was low. And things stayed low for a while, maybe as long as a year. I don’t really know.

Mikey has been tough most of his life. Beautiful, funny, awesome in many ways, but still very tough to parent. He improved leaps and bounds…and then we got the girls. And I don’t mean to make this a negative post about the girls. Not at all. But the truth is that he regressed much more than I could have anticipated when we added the girls to our family. At the time of posting these song lyrics two years ago, I was very depressed. I was afraid we had made a mistake. I was afraid he might not recover. I was afraid of a lot of stuff.

Maybe the sun will shine today
The clouds will blow away
Maybe I won’t feel so afraid
I will try to understand
Either way

Maybe you still love me
Maybe you don’t
Either you will or you won’t
Maybe you just need some time alone
I will try to understand
Everything has its plan
Either way
I’m gonna stay
Right for you

Maybe the sun will shine today
The clouds will roll away
Maybe I won’t be so afraid
I will understand everything has its plan
Either way

Wilco Either Way

But at some point, without me really noticing, the sun began to shine a lot more. The clouds did begin to roll away. They came back off and on and sometimes they came back with a vengeance. But somehow in the last two years, we have all found our place and our rhythm.

Somehow Mikey and Brittany have bonded to a degree I never would have predicted. He despised her with his whole heart for quite a while. He was mean and hateful to her so often. She loved him with her whole heart from the beginning and has never wavered. And I think that’s what Mikey needs. People who will love him with their whole hearts, without wavering. How could Brittany have become exactly what he needed when 2 years ago, I thought she was going to destroy him? And oh my goodness…how I love her for it!

The clouds have been coming back more frequently lately. And I’m starting to feel afraid again. Or maybe my expectations are just too high. But I heard this song again today and I felt hopeful because he and we have come so far in the last two years. Maybe he’s just hit a rough patch where he needs us to love him as hard as he hits back. He needs us to stay right for him.

Mikey turned six yesterday. And I would say that in the six years of his life, there has been infinitely more sun than clouds. But for whatever reason, sometimes the clouds seem more prevalent even though they’re not. And I just needed to take a moment to write this down to remind myself how far we’ve come.

Britt turned FOUR!!…like three weeks ago.

We (I) decided we were going to have a princess tea party. The whole thing was a bit more involved than I really anticipated. Basically, I bit off more than I could chew. But for the most part, it went well. Britt felt loved and special and the little girls at the party had fun. Here’s her invite. Certain areas are blurred out because I don’t want weirdos at my house…again. jk

And here are a few of my favorites from the day.

The spread…

My friend let us borrow some super cute tea cups. (Which I still need to return, btw.)

The birthday girl!

being shy.

Getting some help from a friend.

The cake! Made my friend, Jennifer Fort. Cute cute cute.

We had the BEST storyteller. Little boys would never sit like this. No way. That’s why they weren’t invited.

So ladylike with her hands in her crotch and her tattoo. What can I say? She’s mine.

I wuff my “Cumpunzel doll!”

I wuff my pwincess bike!

There are lots more cute photos. I may do a larger picture post with photos of her friends on my business blog in the next couple of weeks. It was a fun day. Happy Birthday to our big four year old girl!!


Today I sat in the living room holding the little one while the other two little ones played and laughed together. Looking to me to see if I was noticing their silliness. The little one laughing at the other two. Three little kids that do not share my DNA and yet couldn’t be more mine. And in that moment I was just overcome by the feeling of being right in the middle of something grande. How blessed am I that I get to be their mom?