August highlight

Yes, I’m THAT far behind on blogging!!! There is so much stuff that I need to blog about and I just don’t have time!!! It’s so frustrating. But I have to real quick tell you the highlight of my August.

These guys came all the way from Singapore just to see us! Forget the fact that they had to move two kids into college. They really came to see us. Tori, Jake, it just happened to work out that they could help y’all move in while they were here to see us. Promise. 🙂

We went to a cool church in Houston and ate some really good Mexican food and laughed.

They came to our crazy house and loved on our kids. Mikey made Tommy wear his Indian headdress while he shot him up and jumped all over him. And since Brittany does everything Mikey does, she climbed all over him too. Such a good sport. Blurry picture. Don’t blame me. Andrea took it.

It was too short. And even though they did come just to see us, they had to see lots of other people too. And then there was the whole moving the kids into college thing. But it was great anyway. I think the witch from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is climbing up my back in this picture.

Love them. Miss them. Ready for them to COME STINKIN’ HOME ALREADY!! And when they do finally come back home we’ve got hours of marbles playing and food eating and coffee drinking and laughing until I cry to catch up on. Lots of hours. Sidenote: not many people have seen me do the laugh until I cry thing, but they definitely have!