The rug was somewhat pulled out from underneath us last week. Details aren’t really important, but Phillip and I were put in a situation where we needed to make the difficult decision to withdraw Jackson from public school. It was pretty unexpected and unplanned. We’ve been struggling with many different aspects of public school since we put Jackson back in the second half of 5th grade. I homeschooled Jackson from 2nd grade through the first half of 5th, so we always knew that we could go back to homeschooling if we ever felt we needed to. Last week it became painfully apparent that we need to.

So after a difficult couple of days of going through the motions, in somewhat of a fog, I think maybe I have a grasp on what we need to do. When I have homeschooled in the past, I spent weeks researching, planning, purchasing, reviewing, etc. This time I had no time at all. We are still trying to find our footing.

And because I am very aware of my dependence or addiction, or whatever it is, to Facebook, I’ve decided to deactivate my account for a time. If I decide to reactivate it at some point, all of the old stuff will still be there. I need to focus on my boy. I need to break some bad habits. He needs to reset his brain and so do I.

So that’s kind of where we are right now. Last week this whole thing felt like a crisis situation. But it’s not a crisis. I’m choosing to think of it instead as a crisis averted. At least I hope so anyway. For the handful of you reading this, please just pray for wisdom for our family. And please respect our privacy and try not to bombard us, especially Jackson, with questions about this. Remember, we are in reset mode, not rehash mode.

Grace abounds for us all. Please give us grace.