That one time that I went to Disney World by myself.

A month ago I went to Orlando for a work trip. I arrived in Orlando on Sunday. I decided to shuttle from my hotel to Disney Springs Sunday night. I wanted to fit in as much Disney as I could manage. Monday-Thursday was spent in hours of conference classes learning new and not so new things about social media and other things related to small business.

View from my hotel room at the Hyatt Regency in Orlando.
Lego Dragon at Disney Springs

Thursday afternoon-Friday afternoon was spent in Disney World! By. Myself. When I first started thinking about venturing into Disney World by myself, it felt weird and kind of selfish. But I ultimately decided that I couldn’t be just a 15 minute drive away from one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been and not pop in for a quick visit. The added expense wasn’t much at all. It was totally worth it!

I ubered, for the first time, from my super nice hotel on I Drive to Disney’s Pop Century. My room at Pop wasn’t much to look at compared to the Hyatt Regency, but I was still super excited to be there. Pop Century is where Jackson and I stayed at our first trip to Disney World summer of 2015.


I decided to spent Thursday afternoon and evening at Magic Kingdom. I rode and saw as many things as I could fit in. I tried to see and do different things than I had during my first trip to Magic Kingdom last summer. I had such a relaxing and fun time just doing my own thing. I couldn’t help but notice all of the parents with screaming little kids and feeling a bit smug. Our family of 6 and my brother-in-law’s family of 4 are going back Nov 2017. We’ll  have six kids between us at that time ranging in age from 4-15.


After a perfect day at Magic Kingdom, I went back to Pop to get some sleep before waking up early on Friday to take in as much of Hollywood Studios as I could. I got there 45 minutes or so before the gates opened. I was able to ride Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster about 6 times and Tower or Terror twice. I spent a good hour of my time there on the phone with Disney trying to resolve a mistake I made. I accidentally applied my photo pass for our Nov 2017 trip to THIS trip! I didn’t mean to at all. Thankfully, they applied it back and *only* charged me for a one day photo pass. I had no intention of purchasing pictures for this trip, but now I’m kind of glad I have them. Anyway…


After about 6 hours of rushing around Hollywood Studios and then back to the hotel to catch the shuttle to airport, I was wiped out. Before heading to the airport, I grabbed Jackson a chicken sandwich from Pop Century. He ate several when we were there last summer and he asked if I could bring him one home. And of course, I brought home some other surprises for the other kids.


I’m super glad that I decided to go Disney World alone. I’m thankful that my husband was cool with me coming home a day later than I had to so I could take some time for me. I had an amazing couple of days to recharge and just act like a kid. I might even do it again some day. 🙂