Getting Valentiny

So since I waited until the day before Valentine’s Day to actually think about the Valentine’s treats for my kids’ classes, I found myself (again) in a bit of a bind. Last year I *only* had 40 kids to get goodies for. I prepared ahead and made these and put lollipops in their hands…


I could just go get the paper Valentine’s from the store, but I really wanted to do something cute without spending much money. So I decided to use our left over candy and fabric from Mikey and Katie’s bday party to make little goodie bags. So that’s what Katie, Britt, and I have been doing this morning while the boys are in school. I will let Mikey help with his this evening when he gets home. They’re cute, but they’re a pain. So we have done a whopping 14! We only have 43 to go. Ugh. I better get back to it. At this rate, I’ll finish by tomorrow morning.